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This article explores a variety of those defaults and administrative approaches that help to minimize vulnerabilities. Please remember that the strategies discussed here are presented as options to consider rather than definitive rules to apply. In previous article (Aug 2013 issue) I went through OS security; I will be taking you a step closer towards Oracle Hardening, focus will be on the parameters you need to consider and explanation on what the parameter does; why it should be changed; and how it can be done. Oracle permissions on tables and packages will be covered in this part.

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WATOBO is a ruby frameworkfor performing security testing of web applications. It is intended to perform highly efficient (semi-automated) security audits.We are convinced that the combination of full-control and state-of-the-art automation is the best way to perform an accurate audit of your web application.

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Online shopping may be one of the most useful services that the Internet age has brought us; online shopping is convenient and often presents us with more choices and better deals than we can find locally. There are, of course, a few potential dangers to online shopping, including fraud, identity theft, and privacy invasion. Fortunately, by staying informed and being aware of a few key factors, you can ensure that your online shopping experience is safe, secure and successful. So what should you watch out for when shopping online?

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Filtering plays a very important role when you are thinking about securing your application against malicious attacks. Security is a very important aspect while developing a web application. There are several kinds of attacks that could be used to break into your web application. Based on the kind of attack the results that hacker gets also varies. Suppose you have SQL injection vulnerability in your application using SQL injection vulnerability an attacker can do lots of things, simplest being getting information related to users registered in your web application. And when a hacker has information about your user he can do a lot of things. However we are not going to discuss it in detail.

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The Indian Evidence Act, 1872 contains set of rules and regulations regarding admissibility of evidence in the Indian Courts of law. Indian Evidence Act was passed by the British Parliament in 1872 setting up a path-breaking judicial measure by changing traditional legal systems of different social groups and communities. Since then from time to time amendments are made in the Indian Evidence Act to make it compatible with changing times.

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The information gathering steps of footprinting and scanning are of utmost importance. Good information gathering can make the difference between a successful penetration test and one that has failed to provide maximum benefit to the client. We can say that Information is a weapon, a successful penetration testing and a hacking process need a lots of relevant information that is why, information gathering so called foot printing is the first step of hacking.

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NSA (USA) is doing Data collection across the world and there is nothing wrong in that according to USA. In the process of spying non-USA citizens they also spy USA citizens. It is really difficult to differentiate between citizens and non-citizens when you are spying in massive scale of all types of communications.
Goal of NSA: Having profile of each person on earth who is connected via any devices to network. It contains information about each person like:

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What is Database Activity Monitoring (DAM)?

Database activity monitoring (DAM) is the observation of actions in a database. DAM tools enable us to monitor, capture and record database events in near-real time and provide alerts about policy violations. It is an important technology for protecting sensitive databases from external attacks by cyber criminals.