Viproy - VoIP Penetration Testing and Exploitation Kit

Introduction Viproy is developed to improve quality of SIP Penetration Tests. It’s a collection of Metasploit Framework modules focused

Drupal Scanner

CMS – What’s the Fuss all About? A Content Management System makes your life easy. It makes the online presence

Android Framework for Exploitation

Android is a mobile operating system platform developed by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nich Sears and Chris White, which was

OWASP SKANDA – SSRF Exploitation Framework

Is your server protected against port scanning?  The general answer will be “Yes, I have a firewall which restricts access

Fatcat V2 Auto [S]ql-Injector

Fatcat is open source web application pen tester tool freely available for download. Fatcat SQL injection is developed for reducing

IronWASP Series Part – 1

Hello there, I am Lava, the author of IronWASP. This article is the first in the series of articles that

HAWAS – Hybrid Analyzer for Web Application Security

Penetration testing is more than just running automated tools and redoing the same manual testing workflow. It is about analyzing

Detecting and Exploiting XSS with Xenotix XSS Exploit Framework

Introduction Cross Site Scripting or XSS vulnerabilities have been reported and exploited since 1990s. XSS got listed as the top

Hijacking Bluetooth Headset

[Note: This demonstration is based on article “Bluetooth Reconnaissance – Watching over Invisible and Cloning Bluetooth Device”. Please go through it

Cloning Bluetooth Device

header.png [Note: This demonstration is based on article “Bluetooth Reconnaissance – Watching over Invisible”. Please go through it before moving