Issue 1, Feb 2010

# Year 2010, Month February, Date 6th. The day when #nullcon became a reality.
# Nullcon, a hacking conference in Goa by hackers community called NULL
# NULL, an oppen hackers community which started on the second ClubHack event.

Thats the reason nullcon is chosen to release Downlaodthe e-magazine of ClubHack.

ClubHack is glad to introduce the first issue of its monthly ezine by the name "CHMag". This magazine is targeted towards all the geeks, nerds, hackers and their non-techy moms at home.

To start with,  the magazine is divided into 6 sections, namely

0x00 Tech Gyan of the month
0x01 Legal Gyan of the month
0x02 Command Line Gyan of the month
0x03 Tool Gyan of the month
0x04 Mom's Guide of the month
0x05 Awareness Poster of the month

The magazine has seen the light of the day after tireless efforts of few friends.

Aarja Bhatacharya - [email protected] - Author
Abhijeet Patil - [email protected] - Author 
Abhishek Nagar - [email protected] - Webmaster
Deepranjan More - [email protected] - Designer
Pankit Thakkar - [email protected] - Author & Designer
Varun Hirve - [email protected] - Author

Thanks to all for their support.