Issue 20, September 2011

Hello Readers, How are you doing? Hope you are enjoying the magazine. This time the theme is Malwares. In this issue you will read about malwares, malwares anaylsis, various tools and techniques for analysis . You will also read about Windows Bootkits, Ostinato - a packet generator/analyzer and laws related to Pornography! Sounds interesting isn't it?

And well, the cover-page is even more interesting! I liked it and i am sure even you must have liked it. The "Angry Malware" poster concept is taken from our favourite game - angry birds! Thanks Pankit Thakkar for the lovely poster :)

Apart from this, This time ClubHack Mag is going to a few Hacking and Security conferences around the globe as Media Partners such as c0c0n, Securitybyte 2011, Hacktivity 2011, Cyberlympics, HITB Malaysia and Cyber Defense Summit. Detailed information of these events you'll find inside.

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