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Frankly this issue of “Command Line Gyan” does not have as much flesh as previous issues. But we thought of dedicating this issue to Android so here we are with a small article on how to tether your android.
As per wikipedia “Tethering is the use of a mobile device with Internet access such as 3G cellular service to serve as an Internet gateway or access point for other devices. Other devices may connect to the gateway via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or by Universal Serial Bus (USB) cabling.” The connectivity can be normal GPRS/EDGE or most awaited 3G. At the same time other device can be other wi-fi enabled phone/pda, laptop or even desktop.
For the sake of this article I’m taking example of my Samsung android device but be assured it will be same in all phones


I have personally tried this trick in BackTrack4 and Debian5 (lenny) but I’m sure it will run similarly on other Linux distros.

The moment you connect your android over USB you’ll be prompted with different connectivity options on the phone as shown below.

Select “PC Internet” in this (obviously). Remember exact screen might not appear as per different models & android version.

Once you select “PC Internet” there will be a device created in your system. In all my attempts the device created was USB0. Make sure you check the exact device created from dmesg.

Once you get this device/interface created, all you need to do is seek IP over DHCP for this interface.

dhclient usb0
dhcpcd usb0

Done sir, your tethered internet is working on your Linux machine now. Interestingly android works as a DHCP server and a NAT device. That’s really smart.


Sorry 🙁

OK, as far as I have tried & seen, I haven’t found a way out in windows to do it via command line. Yes there are a few apps to tether the phone, but nothing on command line.

Although its against the spirit of this section of the magazine but I’lls til point out a few apps to do tethering on Windows

Some of such apps are

1) PDAnet
2) EasyTether
3) Proxoid

Best of  luck with GUI in windows

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