Introduction Part 1

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Everybody wants to do something innovative and unique in life. This was the zeal behind Matriux. Matriux is a phenomenon that was waiting to happen.

Team Matriux is extremely honored to be associated with CHMag for starting an exclusive section for Project Matriux. Various articles and tutorials will be published through this section titled Matriux Vibhag. 

So what is Matriux?

Matriux is not just about a security distribution that can run from a CD / DVD / USB. It is something more than that. Project Matriux consist of the following. 

  • Security Distribution Matriux Lithium and Matriux Xenon
  • MSTF Matriux Security Testing Framework
  • DVM  Damn Vulnerable Matriux
  • the k0d3 (pronounced the code)

Security Distribution

The first question that comes to mind when we talk about a new security distribution is why another distribution (when we have so many)? The answer is very simple just following the spirit of Linux.

MSTF Matriux Security Testing Framework (under development)

MSTF is a security testing framework that will help you to carry out a penetration testing based on the workflow following the best practices and standards followed in the industry. The tool will guide you through each step of the testing process and present the user with a comprehensive report covering every details of the test carried out. In simple words MSTF is a tool with process oriented approach towards security testing with clear emphasis on the deliverables.

DVM Damn Vulnerable Matriux (under development)  

The objective of Damn Vulnerable Matriux is to create a learning platform for creating and exploiting vulnerabilities. The project is currently under development and is lead by Prashant KV.

The k0d3  (pronounced the code)

The k0d3 is an initiative to promote secure coding practices targeted both at the academic and professional level. The project will have various activities that will help both students and professionals understand the concept and importance of coding securely. The project also aims at providing insight into coding security tools and applications.

Before we conclude with the first part of introduction let's have a glance at the existing scenario of the project, Matriux has released two flavors in its course. The first one being Matriux Lithium a Kubuntu based KDE distribution released in December 2009 and the other Ubuntu based Gnome Flavor Matriux Xen0n both having their own significant features and advantages for the users.


In the next edition, we will provide more information about how it all started and the future of Matriux Project and how individuals and organizations can contribute towards the project. After the introduction to Matriux is over, a series of tutorials based on various tools and projects are also planned exclusively for the CHMag. 

Happy Hacking and Happy Learning.

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