Introduction Part 2

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Last issue was all about what made us come with Matriux and the reason we came into existence. We in this free world of Linux follow its true spirit and extend our thoughts to the limits of penetration testing and forensics to enhance the quality of “Security”.

Now this edition let’s talk about the one in action, The Matriux Distribution. Matriux though to come as the Asia’s first Security Distribution now being used worldwide with many government organizations in India and other countries using it as their “tool”. Matriux in its course though went through builds was released with two major flavors

  1. Matriux Lithium and
  2. Matriux Xenon

Matriux as a Security Distribution
Matriux Lithium is a KDE based environment, KDE which most of the professionals prefer to play with as their key desktop environment.     However we looked upon the idea holding “MINIMALISM IS THE KEY” and that made us to work with lighter environments, after a series of builds Matriux finally came up with the GNOME flavor introduced with Matriux Xenon.
Matriux Xenon previews a gnome flavor with a 2.6.32-24-generic kernel based on Ubuntu support every sort of device and network interface, the best hardware supportive and user friendly security distribution so far.

Tools and support
Matriux Xenon holds some of the best and well known of the hacking tools, by which we mean the penetration testing tools; not just confined to penetration testing Matriux also provides a handful of applications the quench the forensic investigations.
As claimed Matriux can turn any of your old machines into a powerful testing machine, so don’t throw your old boxes just go ahead with Matriux!

It’s all been about the distribution and the articulated stuff till now, Enough of talks about all these let us see it in action keep your eyes open, as great things are yet to uncover. See the tiger in action next edition!!!

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