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Hello every readers,

Matriux is been successfully running and getting a big support over the past 2 years and we have been working hard to provide the best security solutions and quality tools for all the penetration testing and forensic needs. On occasion this issue is to be released at c0c0n 2012, we are also proud to announce our upcoming release Matriux version 2.0 K0d3 name “Ec-Centric”. We have been working hard over the release of the new version, so this month Matriux Vibhag will feature the Matriux Ec-Centric edition.


  • The “Arsenal” now includes around 325 powerful penetration testing and forensic tools and this time we included webshells making it the true arsenal for testing and cyber forensics.
  • Also including the latest of tools and applications released at BlackHat 2012 US being the first distribution to include.
  • Based on Debian Squeeze featuring the latest kernel 3.3.4.
  • Custom compiled Kernel for high support for your hardware drivers along with squashfs and aufs modules.
  • Lighter, Elegant and Faster UI with Gnome.
  • Also making it more fast and easy to use.
  • MID 0.3b to make the installation easier.
  • Tools from Matriux Community.
  • And the best part – runs easily on your 10 year old computer with p-IV and 256MB RAM with 6GB of HDD space.

Notable Updates

  • More tools for VOIP and Forensics.
  • Emphasis on Mobile forensics and malware analysis through security applications for Android and iPhone.
  • Shell scripts.
  • Build Update tool called “MUT”.
  • And many more to check out at c0c0n 2012, be there as we will be there 😉
  • Happy Hacking and from next month we will continue with our regular tutorials on various security tools.

Team Matriux


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