Mom’s guide to secure wifi at home

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The ease of using a Wireless network is spreading like an ignited fire and everyone is making their home or office wireless. The lack of knowledge on wireless security has become a growing concern, due to which ClubHack in past has issued advisories on how to secure your home wifi networks. As a part of the first magazine we’d like to emphasize on the same and help everyone make their wifi networks secure.

Actually securing wifi at home or at a small office is very simple. Anyone can do it with existing wireless device at home and at no extra cost. We request you to follow the simple steps and make your home/office wifi a secure network. At the end of the day it’s your network & your privacy which would be on stake.


  • Open the configuration of your home wifi device. Generally it is done by opening the IP address of your wireless router in the browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox.
  • Login to this configuration page and go to device setting
  • Change the default password of this device. (We hope you know what is called as strong password)
  • Go to wireless setting or wireless security setting
  • Select WPA (or WPA-PSK, WPA-Personal, depending on your device model)
  • Put a strong password here too.
  • Done



Remember, one should NOT use "WEP" or "OPEN" configuration

Obviously in this 100% security is not guaranteed because nothing is 100% secure, but this will surely boost your home wifi security to more than 80% and save you from most of the common wireless attacks.

To secure your wireless network beyond this level you’ll have to go for something called as WIPS (Wireless Intrusion Prevention System) which would be little expensive. Corporate users are advised to go for WIPS solutions to be safe from motivated attacks on their networks.

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