Celebrating 1st Anniversary of First Indian Hacking Magazine

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It is a matter of rejoice for us to see CHMag entering in to its second year of publication. Considering the overwhelming   response of the people, we feel that we are on the right track towards our objective.

When we look in to past, a wave of exhilaration passes through us and we also wonder how we could do it. We had heard that an idea could change the lives or a lot of things could take over a cup of coffee, but never experienced it. We experienced it only when we freezed on the idea of starting a magazine over a cup of coffee.

After we finished ClubHack 2009 conference, a question was tossed up in our casual meetings that what next after ClubHACK conference? It led to a brainstorming session wherein  an idea was conceived that why not to start a magazine on security and hacking to make the people aware about hacking as well as to provide a creditable platform for the security professionals, experts and engineers to share their ideas and knowledge. Till that time, in India, there was no such magazine dedicated solely to the security and hacking. Consensus was reached over the idea and it gave birth to CHMag.

Idea was freezed, but next challenge was how to go ahead with it. But our enthusiasm was so great that we decided our strategy, divided the job in to tasks, everybody worked very hard with amazing dedication and at last our efforts bore a sweet fruit. It was an amazing journey from ‘seemingly impossible’ to ‘just possible’.   And so after a lot of thinking and planning we came out with the 1st issue on 6th Feb, 2010 at nullcon, an International Hacking and  Security Conference. And so CHMag – First Indian “Hacking” Magazine was born.

To make it more interesting and cover a wide range of audience, we came up with 5 dedicated sections – Tech Gyan, Mom’s Guide, Tool Gyan, Command Line and Legal Gyan.

Initially we wrote a few articles by ourselves. Since we are also students, it was hard to manage college and magazine work at the same time. But as the time progressed professionals from the industry started to contribute. Many of them wanted to publish their papers in our magazine and we are glad they chose our magazine as platform to publish their work. Main contribution comes from the security professionals. But contribution has also come from security enthusiasts and students.

There are of International contributors as well. In fact they are quite well known in the circle, namely, Raoul Chiesa (Senior Advisor of UNICRI), Dror Shalev and Oren Barad. And it was a great achievement for us to have one of its issue released by the famous security guru Bruce Schneier.

Good news! We are coming out with a couple of new sections. One section being ‘Events’, wherein we will be covering various security events through our CHMag.

Second is more of a secret right now. If we disclose it here, tiger will kill us! 😉 Stay tuned with us for more updates on this secret.


Here are few testimonials from the experts, contributors and readers.

"Thousands may claim to be the first, but everyone knows – who is the first, the best, and provides you with the latest – no doubt – it’s the one and only ClubHack Magazine.

I am extremely happy to see the dedicated, committed and quality work by the CHMag Team. I am sure that they will continue to deliver up-to-date and rich content in the coming days to quench our lust for knowledge.

Wishing all the very best to CHMag Team – Happy Hacking 🙂 "

– Manu Zacharia

MVP (Enterprise Security), ISLA-2010 (ISC)², C|EH, C|HFI, CCNA, MCP, AFCEH

Certified ISO 27001:2005 LA

“Well, beside having been the "2010 Santa Claus" for ClubHACK Magazine, I do always totally enjoy reading each new issue:-) Aside from those incredibly smart security posters that came out every month along with the magazine, Rohit Srivastwa and his team in one year made an excellent job, dealing with the Technology, Tools, the lovely "Mom's Guide", the legal aspects and the Command Line tutorials. All of us from the InfoSec community should be thanksful to ClubHACKMagazine!”

-Raoul "Nobody" Chiesa

Ethical Hacker, Cybercrime Senior Advisor at the United Nations (UNICRI)

"The content covered in CHMag interests a wide range of audience, providing valuable information for the novice and a handy reference to the geeks. This drive has educated and inspired tons of people from across the world. Proud to be a part of team ClubHACK".

– Tushar Dalvi,
Information Security Institute. Johns Hopkins University.

“When I come to know about CHMag, I was eager to see whether what actually these guys are going to publish. I was really amazed by looking at classification of articles in sections like Tech Gyan, Tool Gyan, Legal Gyan, etc. That's what CHMag did well. it is really easy for me to read articles as per out interests in computer security. Everything is here on CHMag. Also CHMag members provides opportunity to publish article written by readers as well. I have posted one for them and looking forward to post again for CHMag. I congratulate all the ClubHACK guys for such a GREAT initiative in computer security field and wish them to be number 1 in the world…”

– Sagar Nangare 

Web developer, SEO expert.

“ClubHack magazine is the work of a young and passionate team. The magazines are zero BS and 100% useful content. I have been lucky enough to meet the guys behind the show and they are as cool as the mag itself. Great show guys!"

– Lava Kumar

Penetration Tester, Security Researcher.

“I look forward to read the ClubHack magazine every month. Their topics are structured and well laid out. Their authors have definite deep knowledge of in the topics they write. wishing CHmag a happy birthday and looking forward more editions in  years to come”.

-Prasanna Kanagasabai

Independent Information Security researcher

We are glad to see that many of the security professionals have chosen us as an authentic platform to publish their papers. This over whelming response from the community has kept us going and we will keep doing our best in the pursuit of excellence in cyber security. It is the moment of great rejoices for us and our salute to all our supporters. We thank you for your support

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