InCTF – National Level Capture The Flag Contest 2013

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Not a day passes without one hearing about email scams, stolen passwords, cyberwar and terrorism; cyber threats and crimes have been skyrocketing. An effective strategy to combat these threats would be to provide an awareness on vulnerability detection-exploitation-patching mechanisms and secure programming standards.

Cyber Security education is yet to make way its into the undergraduate curriculum; most students do not learn how to locate and fix design errors in software and configuration errors in various platforms. Creating an awareness regarding the same needs to be considered a matter of utmost importance.

InCTF, a Capture-The-Flag style contest, is to be viewed as a security exercise which provides an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of Information Security and put them into practice. Hopefully you will have as much fun participating, as we have in organizing the event.

We, on the other hand, consider InCTF as a chance to reach out to all the students out there and build what could hopefully be a vibrant community, sharing the goal of spreading the awareness.

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