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Android is creating some (a lot actually!) buzz all over with all its awesome user friendly features and apps. Millions of applications and games are available to choose from.

Our phones have all sorts of personal data – messages, photos, etc. At some point these apps access your data. And as we all know data=money, so let’s have a look at some apps that will help you protect your data and privacy.

Malware and Theft Protection Apps

Here are few apps that will help you protect your data, privacy.

1. Lookout Mobile Security
This is one of the good apps protecting your phone from viruses, data loss, etc.  This app provides anti-virus protection, malware and spyware blocking functions. It also scans every app installed on your phone thus preventing you from using those apps in future.

If you loose your phone, you can track your phone’s location via locate phone on map feature. It basically sounds an alarm from the device itself when asked to track it.

Another good feature of this app is that it allows you to backup and restore your data, like – contact, photos, text messages and e-mails etc.

All in one package huh! And guess what? It is a freeware!

You can get it here –

2. WaveSecure
Another good all-in-one app that protects your data and privacy. It can track the location of your phone incase its stolen or misplaced by you. It basically sends a sms alert to a pre-defined contact. It has this amazing ability to locate, lock and wipe a device remotely. Yes! you can WIPE your data remotely if your phone is not found.

Though it does not provide anti-virus protection, it does provide backup and restore facility.

Recently, WaveSecure was acquired by McAfee.

URL: –

3. Protector
It enables users to password protect any application stored on their phone. This security app takes it one step further by enabling users to even password protect any feature of an existing app on your phone. Many users will experience the benefits of this security app.

The Protector allows users to password protect various Android apps including Chat, Notepad, Calendar, Photos, Setting, Email, Gmail and even their SMS inbox. One negative aspect of this app is that it does not provide a pin recovery service. So it can create a lot of problems if you forget or lose your pin code.

And one more good thing – its FREE!!

URL: –

4. Norton Mobile Security
This app has got almost same features as that of apps mentioned above. Like tracking, remote lock-and-wipe ability, anti-virus etc.

In addition to this, you can block or control incoming calls and sms of some person from your call log.  
Again, its free!
URL: –

5. SMobile Security Shield

This app comes in two flavors – one with Anti-Virus and other with Parental Control.
This is a power packed app with some great features. Features like –

  • Anti-Virus
  • Anti-spam. This blocks calls and messages from annoying person(s).
  • Firewall.  Helps in keeping malicious programs at bay.

  • Backup and restore ability.
  • Lock-and-wipe ability.
  • GPS to locate phone when stolen.
  • And also parental controls like text messages and email monitoring, child locator, etc.

Though this is a not a free app but its worth it.
URL: –
Few more app you can use – Smobile AntiTheft, aFirewall.
I hope this will help you decide which app to use and protect your data. 
Be Safe 🙂

Saurabh Shah has done Masters in Computer Science from Pune university. He says that he would love to try to do experiments on Android phone and trying to learn some apps, security is very important for Android these days before someone steals or breaks you stuff on android. Working as a FrontEnd Web Developer (@, majorly in Joomla.

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