Malwarebytes to remove Fake Antivirus

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To remove Fake Antivirus and similar malwares you can use Malwarebytes. It is easy to use and effective. For removing Fake Antivirus it is not necessary to buy the full version, the free version is sufficient. You can download the free version of malware bytes from Support for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and 7 (32-bit and 64-bit).
If you are infected with Fake Antivirus boot the computer in safe mode. Once you have downloaded malwarebytes, double click the downloaded file and follow the steps to install the application on your system. Once the application is installed, double click on the malwarebytes icon on your desktop to start the program.

If you did not check for tht updates during the install process, go to the updates tab where you can see the current database version, associated date and the number of malware signatures. Click on “Check for Updates” to update the database.

Once the application  database is updated, you can start the scan. You can either go for a quick scan or a full scan. Select one of them, click on Scan to start the scan. If you go in for a full scan you will see the pop-up window as shown in the fig. to the right asking you to choose which drives you want to be scanned, select the one which you want to be scanned and click Scan.

Once the scanning is completed, malwarebytes will display the number of objects scanned, the number of objects infected and the time taken as shown in the above image. Click on "OK" to close the scan completed message.

Removal of the malware
Click on "Show Results" you will see the below window displayed with the list of malwares found with its location on your system. For now "No action taken" is listed for all da infected objects so that you can check if anything has appeared in the list

which you don't want to remove. Once you go through the list and checked the objects, click "Remove Selected" to remove the malware from your system. The below image shows how the removal process looks like.

After Malwarebytes is done with removal of malwares, it will automatically display a scan log as shown beside.

In the end it would ask you to reboot your system. Click "Yes" to the reboot you system.

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