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Ajinkya is an Information Security professional with experience in conducting Web application security, IT governance reviews, Network security, Database and OS security reviews of approximately 500 servers. He holds a CISA (Associate of ISACA) certification, Information Security Management certification and has a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Mumbai University. He also listed in Hall of Fame of Blackberry (RIM).

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Oracle Hardening – Part 2 Read

Introduction While Oracle is designed “secure by default,” this article explores a variety of those defaults and administrative approaches that help to minimize vulnerabilities. Please remember that the strategies discussed here are presented as options to consider rather than definitive rules to …

Oracle Hardening Part-1 Read

Introduction Oracle and SQL databases are one the most used databases in enterprises. I will be taking you through Oracle Hardening to make it hard for malicious users to break it the system. Focus will be on the parameters you need to …