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Lavakumar is the author of IronWASP, the advanced Web Security Testing Platform. He has also authored many other security tools like ‘Shell of the Future’, JS-Recon, Imposter and the HTLM5 based Distributed Computing System – Ravan. He has spoken at multiple conferences like BlackHat, OWASP AppSec Asia, ClubHack, Securitybyte, Nullcon, etc.

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IronWASP Series Part – 1 Read

Hello there, I am Lava, the author of IronWASP. This article is the first in the series of articles that I will be doing on IronWASP. In this article I will cover the introduction to IronWASP and explain how you can scan …

JavaScript Botnets Read

Anybody who has had even a slight brush with the security industry would have heard of Botnets atleast once. Botnets are a group of computers compromised and controlled by an attacker, these computers or zombies would perform any actions that the attacker …