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A Result Oriented IT Security Implementation Professional with knowledge of Payment Card Industry Security Implementation, IT Security, IT Management, IT Program & Project Mgmt., IT infra, Cloud, Governance, Risk, Compliance, PCI-DSS, VAPT, who regularly updates his skills with latest technology & trends for overall growth of a company. Suitable for IT Security Audits, Security Implementations, Program, Projects, Risk Mgmt and Solutions implementing, Expansion, Migration, Stabilization Programs of IT & IT Security, viz- Cloud, Virtualization with VMware, Data Center/DR, NAS, SAN, Network Devices, Windows/Linux based Servers, VoiP, ERP, IT Security Solutions, alongwith Governance Risk & Compliance etc.

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Build a Strong Cyber Security Program Read

The Summary As the security landscape has become more threatening and dangerous and many organizations have fallen victim to attacks, breaches, and unrelenting news coverage, most have been forced to finally react in an effort to protect themselves. One of the first …