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• Raoul “Nobody” Chiesa is 36 years old and lives in Turin, Italy. At UNICRI (United Nations Interregional Crime & Justice Research Institute) he’s a Senior Advisor on Cybercrime and manager for Strategic Alliances. Raoul is also a member of ENISA (European Network Information & Security Agency) Permanent Stakeholders Group (PSG) and a recognized international security expert. He can be contacted at chiesa [at] UNICRI [dot] IT

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About Information Warfare: new rules for a new world Read

specialfeature.gif IntroductionDuring my presentation at Club Hack Conference  on day 2, the one named “Cybercrime, CyberWar, Information Warfare: what’s this all about, from a Hacker’s perspective? New rules for a new world”, I’ve noticed a deep interest by the audience. All of …

HPP – The Hackers Profiling Project Read

hpp.jpg How many times did we listen to stereotypes on hackers? How many times did we hear sentences such as “he’s a teenager, myope, fat and dirty”: probably, he’s hacker” ?And, how long did we hear that hackers are criminals, stealing credit …