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Let’s zip it up Read

Let’s zip it up

com.png As we know Compression is the reduction in size of data to save space. For data compression ZIP format is used and it’s in archive format.  ZIP file contains one or more files that have been compressed to reduce file size, …

Open DLP Read

Open DLP

OpenDLP Andrew Gavin released OpenDLP (version 0.1) on 30th April 2010 on code.google.com, a free and open source, agent-based, centrally-managed, massively distributable data loss prevention tool. OpenDLP can simultaneously identify sensitive data at rest on hundreds or thousands of Microsoft Windows systems …

netcat Read


Netcat, often referred to as “Swiss army-knife for TCP/IP”, is a simple utility which can do a lot of wonders on any Linux machine and with ported version on Windows too. It can make and accept data across network connection using TCP-UDP …

TrueCrypt Read


TrueCrypt is one of the best tools known to us used for real-time on-the-fly encryption. On-the-fly encryption means encrypting every file as they are getting written on this disk and decrypting as they are being read from the disk. It is automatically …