Poster of the Month July 2011

Hello All!. Here we are with July issue and some great news. Firstly ClubHack Mag is now partners with the famous infosec magazines – Hackin9 and PenTestMag. And remember in Feb issue we had covered Mantra – a browser based security framework? Well, now that project is a Owasp Project!

Coming back to this issue, this time the theme is Metasploit. Yes, the “ultimate tool” in every hacker’s arsenal!

This issue covers the topics such as basics of Metasploit in Mom’s guide, the Metasploit GUI – Armitage in Tools Gyan, How to run nessus from within Metasploit in Tech Gyan, exploiting a machine using Metasploit in Matriux Vibhag and Trademark Law and Cyberspace in Legal Gyan.

Do let us know what topics you would like us to cover. Also keep sending in your lovely suggestions and feedback. We are open to criticisim, it helps us to improve 🙂 And ofcource you can send your articles also to [email protected]. We love to publish 😉

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